User Agreement


These terms of use shall be before using and/or accessing the application or site. The usage of any part of application or site indicates acceptance of these terms of use.

Tripwe Application and/or www.tripwe.com   is managed by PT Tripedia Global Adventura and its affiliated companies (“we","our" or "Tripwe"). 

By accessing and/or using any part of application and/or www.tripwe.com, the User acknowledges that the User has read and understood and agrees to the User Agreement (“User Agreement”) and other terms in connection with Tripwe as referred to in this Use Agreement. www.tripwe.com   ( "User Agreement”) and other terms in connection with Tripwe as referred to in this Use Agreement.

If the User does not agree to be bound by this User Agreement, the User may not access or use any part of Tripwe. These Terms constitute a binding legal agreement between the User as an individual user and Tripwe.


  1. Tripwe Site is www.tripwe.com
  2. The Tripwe app is an app with the name 'Tripwe' which is available and can be downloaded generally on the Google Play Store which is managed by PT Tripedia Global Adventura and its affiliated company.
  3. User are parties who use Tripwe Site and/or Tripwe Application is at least 18 (eighteen) years old to use Tripwe Site.
  4. Goods are objects that are tangible or have physical goods that are included in the scope of Tripwe which provided by the Vendor on the Tripwe Site and/or Tripwe Application. If needed, the Goods also can be provided directly by Tripwe.
  5. Services are the provided services by the Vendor on the Tripwe Site and/or Tripwe Application.
  6. The Vendor is a third party which provide services or manage water or land tourisme or other service providers in collaboration with Tripwe.


Through the Tripwe Application and/or this Tripwe Site, we provide an online platform so the User can browse various types of tourist transportation, both land and water (as applicable), and make reservations, books and/or purchases (“Services”). User can make books, buy goods, place books for water tourism transportation, lan travel transportation, tour packages or other services to Our Vendor on Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site. We will provide book or purchase confirmation through email, Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site. We have the right to refuse the book and/or the purchase as stipulated in this User Agreement.


  1. The User hereby declares that the User is a competent person and is able to bind himself in a legal agreement according to law.
  2. Tripwe does not charge a registration fee to User.
  3. User understands that one phone number can only be used to register one Tripwe User account.
  4. User must create an account to be able to use the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site. We will collect and process User's personal data, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number when the User registers to create an account. User must provide us with current, complete, and accurate information and agree to provide us with any evidence or identity that we may require. We will only collect and use the said data for administrative purpose and shall not to disclose User's personal data in accordance with our privacy policy, available here..
  5. Only the User can use the User's own account and the User represents and warrants that the User will not allow any other party to use the User's identity or account for any reason, unless permitted by Tripwe.
  6. User must maintain the security and confidentiality of User account passwords and any identification we provide to User. In the event of disclosure of User's password, in any way that results in unauthorized use of User's account or identity, books received from such unauthorized use will still be considered valid books and we will process such books. Subject to the rights that the User may have legally, the User hereby declares that Tripwe is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the misuse of the User's account in accordance with this clause.
  7. Tripwe has the prerogative to temporarily block, delete, or deactivate a User's account without having to give a reason to the User. Reasons for temporarily blocking, deleting, or deactivating a User's account include but are not limited to:
    1. Violating this agrrement.
    2. Performing criminal activities.
    3. Make suspicious books and/or.
    4. Entered in the black-list or wanted by countries or international organizations.
  8. The User hereby declares that Tripwe is not responsible for any losses or problems arising from the misuse of the User account caused by the User's negligence, including but not limited to agreeing and/or providing account login access sent by Tripwe via notification messages to other parties via the device. User, lending accounts to other parties, or the negligence of other User which results in losses or problems in the User's account.


  1. User are required to transact through the transaction procedures set by Tripwe.
  2. The User fully understands and agrees that all transactions made by the User other than the payment procedures that have been set, are the responsibility of the User.
  3. When making a purchase of Goods, the User agrees that:
    1. The User is responsible for reading, understanding, and agreeing to the information, the overall description of the Goods.
    2. The User acknowledges that the actual color of the product as seen in the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site depends on the User's computer monitor and mobile phone screen. Tripwe will use its best efforts to ensure that the colors in photos displayed in the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site appear as accurate as possible.
  4. User are advised to re-check the nominal amount of payment with the bill amount listed, if there is a lack of payment, the User can make a notification via e-mail of the User registered in the application to make a refund.
  5. Payment by bank transfer payment method is highly recommended to upload proof of payment on the Tripwe application to facilitate verification.
  6. The User understands and agrees that the problem of delays in the payment process and additional costs caused by differences in the bank that the User uses with the Tripwe Authorized Bank Account is the User's personal responsibility.


  1. In placing an book and/or purchase, the User can submit a special request regarding the book and/or purchase by writinng it in the notes section when making the book. The User understands and agrees that the fulfillment of the User’s special request is the absolute authority of Tripwe, and therefpre the fulfillment of such special request will be determined based on the availability and internal policies of Tripwe, and the User understands that Tripwe may charge additional fees for that special request.
  2. In line with changes in booking and/or purchases, User understand that Tripwe has full authority to grant request for such changes. The User also understands that the submission of the change request must be in accordance with the terms and period of submission as states on the page when they want to place an book and/or purchase.


By presenting certain services or destinations, Tripwe does not represent or guarantee that travel to these places is benefical or risk-free and Tripwe will not be held liable for any damage or loss that may results from traveling to such destinantion. Under no circumtanses Tripwe will be responsible for any adverse incidents that occur during the trip. The User is personally responsible for the selection of trips, routes and travel destination, for the duration of the User’s journey.


  1. All payments are made in Rupiah value and currency.
  2. Tripwe does not collect taxes or levies.
  3. For all forms of books and/or purchases, the User must make payment within the specified time limit. If payment is not made, then Tripwe reserves the right to cancel all bookings and/or purchases.
  4. Payment methods include but are not limited to bank transfer, Tripwe Pay, and other payment methods available on Tripwe. For payment by bank transfer, the User must provide a bank transfer receipt as proof of payment for the reservation listed in the Tripwe confirmation email. The User must follow the procedures contained in the confirmation email. For payment by credit card, the User must follow every procedure stated by Tripwe and/or the relevant payment service provider.
  5. After the book and/or purchase is successful, and paymet has been confirmed, Tripwe will place the book and issue a reservation code which will be accompanied by at least: (i) booking code, (ii) customer name, (iii) booking number, (iv) booking details, and (v) telephone number.


  1. For bookings payment placed via the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site, your credit card will be charged by Tripwe for the full price at the time of booking and confirmation of the booking (any refund that may be given will depend on the terms of the existing booking). User should check the booking details thoroughly at all times before you make a booking. Tripwe will process any returns, as applicable, within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. In the event of credit card fraud or misuse of User's credit card by a third party, the User must immediately contact your bank or card issuer after you become aware of such abuse. In this case, Tripwe will not be responsible for any incidents of credit card fraud or misuse of User's credit cards by third parties, without prejudice to whether the fraud or misuse was carried out through Tripwe. Tripwe is under no obligation to refund or pay you back as a result of such fraud.
  3. As part of our good faith, we may provide some form of compensation to you based on our review and approval. User will only be entitled to ask for compensation if the order is made through our secure server and fraud or misuse of User's credit card is the result of our fault or negligence and not the result of your own fault when using our secure server. We are not responsible for fraud or misuse of User credit cards if this is done through the Tripwe Application, Tripwe Site, and/or servers other than ours or if it is the result of your own fault or negligence. If the User suspects that an unauthorized or fraudulent booking was made on Tripwe, you must immediately contact our Customer Service team which is available on the Triwpe Application and/or Tripwe Site.


  1. The price of the Goods and/or Services contained in the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site is the price set by the Vendor. Vendor are prohibited from manipulating prices for any purpose
  2. Vendor are prohibited from setting unreasonable prices on Goods and/or Services offered through the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site.
  3. The User understands and agrees that any problems and/or disputes that occur due to disagreements between the Vendor and the User regarding the price are not the responsibility of Tripwe.
  4. By placing an book through Tripwe, the User agrees to pay the total cost to be paid as stated on the payment page which consists of the price of goods, shipping costs, and other costs (if any).


The User understands and understands that Tripwe has made its best efforts in providing shipping rate information to the User based on an accurate location, but Tripwe cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data with those at the local location.

  1. Therefore, Tripwe recommends that Vendor record the rates provided by Tripwe in advance, so that they can be compared with the rates charged.
  2. The user understands and agrees that the difference in the cost of shipping goods is beyond the responsibility of Tripwe and therefore, it is the Vendor's own policy to cancel or continue to deliver the goods.


  1. Delivery of goods in the Tripwe system must use an expedition service that is verified by the Tripwe partner selected by the User.
  2. Any provisions relating to the process of sending goods are the full authority of the expedition service provider.
  3. The user understands and agrees that any problems that occur during the delivery process are the responsibility of the expedition service provider.


  1. By making an order, order and/or purchase through the Tripwe Site and/or the Tripwe Application, the User accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions of the applicable Vendor, including those relating to policies regarding cancellation and/or absence, or in connection with your special requests that may be provided to the Vendor. Tripwe is not responsible for any violation of the terms and conditions agreed between the Vendor and the User, or which is based on the specific request of the user, so please read the terms and conditions of the Vendor carefully.
  2. In connection with a user cancellation that has been made, Tripwe may be able to withhold or take part of the amount paid to reimburse costs that have been incurred in connection with the cancellation.


  1. Each price listed on the Tripwe Application and/or the Tripwe Site is only available under certain conditions and the price may change depending on the availability of the booking. Prices provided may include additional taxes and other fees but in certain circumstances may not include taxes and other service fees (such as tips for tour guides, fees for other facilities (if any), and other costs that arise not from using the service. we); User agree that they are responsible for verifying the total fees payable and other terms and details when a confirmation email is sent to the user. The user must verify the booking in the order sheet; The user can cancel the booking at any time before the final confirmation is made. The prices displayed are detailed so that the User can see the amount to be paid, any additional fees caused by using a credit card or interbank fees charged for shipping fees will be charged to the user and if there is a shortage in the amount paid, Tripwe can provide an email notification regarding the shortfall in the amount to be paid by the user. In the event that the User cancels the booking before paying in full for any deficiencies, Tripwe has the sole discretion whether to refund the amount paid or refund the amount that has been deducted by the fees incurred by Tripwe as a result of the fees not being paid for this shortfall by the User in accordance with the procedures provided set by Tripwe. If the User has any doubts about the service, the User can contact Tripwe's customer service (during the customer service operational hours determined by Tripwe). For any other cancellations, in accordance with applicable law, as well as the policies of Tripwe and Vendor, Tripwe will first investigate and verify the order before providing a refund in accordance with the amount that the User has paid, minus any costs incurred by Tripwe, including but not limited to on administrative fees, bank transfer fees, credit card fees, etc. (“Refund Amount”). Once the booking has been successfully verified by Tripwe, a refund will be offered to you in the form of an electronic voucher (e.g. discount coupons, Tripwe Pay and/or travel tickets from Vendor).
  2. Tripwe will not be responsible or liable for any issuance of e-tickets, e-vouchers, or other transactions that are aborted due to inaccurate amounts transferred by User or payments that are not made through official payment methods available on the Tripwe Site and/or Tripwe Application. . Any transfers made beyond the time limit for transfers will result in the booking being cancelled. For real-time (real-time) bank-to-bank transfers, you must use an ATM. After completing the interbank transfer, please confirm your payment by filling out the payment confirmation form.


Tripwe grants User a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-sublicensable license to access and use the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling User to use and enjoy the benefits of this Service as intended by Tripwe and permitted by this Agreement. Therefore, the User agrees not to:

  1. use the Service or any content contained in the Service for any commercial purposes without our express written consent.
  2. copy, modify, transmit, create derivative works, utilize, or reproduce materials, images, trademarks, trade names, copyrighted service marks, or other intellectual property, content, or patent information that can be accessed through the Service without Tripwe's prior written consent.
  3. represent or imply that any statements User makes are endorsed by Tripwe.
  4. use robots, bots (automated programs), spiders (Site searchers), crawlers (web crawlers), scrapers (data collectors), site search/retrieval applications, proxies, or any other manual or automated device, method or process to access, retrieve , index, "data mining", or reproduce, circumvent the navigation structure or appearance of the Service or its content in any way.
  5. use the Service in any way that may hinder, interfere with, or have a negative impact on the Service, servers, or networks connected to the Service.
  6. upload viruses or other malicious code or compromise the security of the Service.
  7. falsify or manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of information transmitted to or through the Service.
  8. "plagiarize" or "copy" any part of the Service without Tripwe's prior written permission.
  9. check, scan, or test for vulnerabilities of our Service or any system or network.
  10. encourage or support any activity that violates this Agreement.


  1. We are the licensee rights to the 'Tripwe' name, icon and logo which are copyrights and trademarks protected by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. User may not use, modify, or install the name, icon, logo, or brand without our written consent.
  2. We may take legal action against any violations committed by User related to intellectual property rights related to the Application.


  1. If the User uses the features available in the Tripwe Application, the User hereby declares that he understands and agrees to all the terms and conditions that are specifically regulated.
  2. Everything that has not been and/or is not regulated in the specific terms and conditions in the Tripwe Application will fully refer to the Tripwe terms and conditions in general.


  1. Tripwe always strives to keep the Tripwe application and site services safe, convenient, and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee continuous operation or perfect access to our services. Information and data in the Tripwe Application and Tripwe Site may not occur in real-time.
  2. The User agrees that the User uses the Tripwe service at the User's risk and the Tripwe service is provided to the User on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
  3. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Tripwe shall not responsible, and the User agrees not to claim Tripwe for any damage or loss resulting directly or indirectly from:
    1. User's use or inability to use Tripwe services.
    2. Prices, shipping, or other instructions available in the Tripwe service.
    3. Delays or interruptions in Tripwe services.
    4. Quality of goods.
    5. Negligence caused by the User.
    6. Disputes between User.
    7. Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights.
    8. Defamation.
    9. Losses due to payment outside the method specified by Tripwe.
    10. Viruses or other malicious software obtained by accessing or connecting to Tripwe services.
    11. Any interruptions, bugs,errors, or inaccuracies in the Tripwe service.
    12. There are hacking actions carried out by third parties to User accounts


The User will indemnify Tripwe and hold Tripwe against any claims and demands including reasonable legal fees, made by third parties arising in the event that the User violates the provision in this agreement as well as improper use of Tripwe's services.an yang dilakukan oleh pihak ketiga kepada akun Pengguna.


Terms & Conditions may be changed and/or updated from time to time without prior notice. Tripwe recommends that User read carefully and check this Terms & Conditions page from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access the Tripwe service, the user is deemed to have agreed to changes in the Terms & Conditions.



This agreement is governed and made under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. The user agrees that if a dispute arises over this agreement or as a result of our services, the dispute resolution is carried out by deliberation and consensus. If it cannot be resolved, the dispute can be resolved exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia.


Tripwe is not responsible for any violation of this agreement in relation to unexpected system damage. Force majeure includes but is not limited to natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, fires), terrorism, pandemic, epidemic, embargoes, changes in laws and regulations, and cyber attacks.


  1. This User Agreement will govern the entire agreement and understanding between the User and Tripwe on the subject matter thereof, and will supersede all prior agreements, whether written or oral, between the User and Tripwe regarding the subject matter thereof.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, Trie does not manage or control the Vendor.
  3. This User Agreement is made in Indonesian and English and is in accordance with the statutory provisions regarding the use of the Indonesian language. In the event that there is a difference in translation, the Indonesian version will prevail, and the English version must be adapted to the Indonesian version.
  4. In the event that any provision is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, by a court of competent jurisdiction, that provision will remain in force to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and such provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provisions remaining. Disconnected provisions should be replaced with provisions that are as close to the original wording and intent as possible.
  5. The failure of either Party to enforce any provision of these Terms at any time shall not be construed as a waiver of the respective Party's right to enforce its breach of such provision or any other provision of these Terms or as a waiver of its continued breach, following or following any other terms or conditions of this User Agreement.
  6. You may not assign or assign your rights or obligations under these Terms, without our prior written consent.


If there are any question, please refer to the FAQs.