Seadoo Safari Surabaya, a new option to enjoy the sea a la Sultan

SURABAYA, November 13, 2021 - Coming soon in Surabaya, water tourism that combines elements of tourism and sports (sport tourism) using Personal Watercraft (PWC) or often known as jetski, Seadoo Safari Surabaya. This tour offers a new option to enjoy the beauty of the sea in Surabaya and its surroundings using a self-drive PWC guided by a trained Road Captain.

Seadoo Safari is an alternative activity water adventure which is relatively safe and can be done by beginners without reducing the excitement of this extreme sport. Designed with standard operating procedures that have taken into account the safety and comfort for Seadoo Safari participants and for their vehicles.

In the soft opening event located at the Surabaya Floating Market (Romokalisari), Seadoo Safari Surabaya introduced a new choice of sport tourism to the people of East Java, especially Surabaya. Through this activity, Seadoo Safari Surabaya wants to give a new color to the Surabaya tourism industry, especially in its waters which has great potential to be worked on as a tourist location.

Seadoo Safari Surabaya

This activity also invited the East Java Regional Police Polairud, the Surabaya City Food and Agriculture Security Service, the Surabaya City Tourism Office, and media colleagues. All invited guests who were present were invited to try out the experience of driving on water using PWC from the Surabaya Floating Market to the Madura Strait to see the Suramadu Bridge as an icon of East Java from a different side, namely from above sea level.

Adelista Ilissa Widjaya as Seadoo Safari Surabaya Initiator said that being a native Surabaya woman who was born and raised in the city of Heroes, made her want to advance her city in the tourism sector according to her hobby of jet skiing.

“I want to invite more people to share the fun sensation of driving with a jetski. There are many benefits that I get from jet skiing, besides being healthy and safe, because it is done outdoors and exposed to the sun. Besides that, I also see the potential to be developed in Surabaya,” explained Dela.

In addition to Surabaya, adventure lovers can also feel the thrill of adventuring using jetskis in other areas such as Jakarta, Semarang, Jepara, Balikpapan, Batam, Makassar, Bali, Anyer, and Belitung.

Moreover, in this event the Tripwe application was introduced as a sports adventure marketplace the first in Indonesia that makes it easy for tripper (Tripwe user) to enjoy activities water adventure and adventure others in different cities.

Seadoo Surabaya

Sofian Lusa, as CEO of Tripwe Indonesia, explained that technological developments can make it easier for adventure lovers, both at sea and on land (off-road and on-road) in making orders and payments in various cities.

“The presence of innovation in the Tripwe application also helps government programs to introduce sports tourism which will be backbound Indonesian tourism in the new normal era," said Sofian.

Pandu Aristiawan as Seadoo Safari Surabaya Coordinator added, Seadoo Safari Surabaya will be opened to the public in early December. The latest information about Seadoo Safari Surabaya can be seen on Instagram @seadoosafarisurabaya and the website www.seadoosafarisurabaya.com. For the people of Surabaya and its surroundings who want to feel the sensation of driving using a jetski, they can order the package on the Tripwe application, or ask in advance to the number 0821-3000-5937, added Pandu.

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