Tripwe and OUTFEST Collaboration in Building an Integrated Tourism Ecosystem

Taking place at the Tripwe Indonesia office located in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, this event was attended by around 70 participants. Participants in this gathering consisted of 40 associations and communities of tourism activities in various fields and segments of tourism, media colleagues, and also invited the Director of Special Interest Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Head of Tourism and Creative Economy of DKI Jakarta, and the Head of the Thousand Islands Sub-Department.

This year is the year that all actors in the adventure tourism ecosystem have been waiting for, both adventurers and adventure tourism players, as well as related industries. After being absent from holding live activities for the last 2 years due to the pandemic, OUTFEST 2022 is back again with an offline or face-to-face concept on August 4-7, 2022.

Tripwe as adventure marketplace which has a mission to develop a digital-based National Directory of Adventure Tourism, sees many similarities in vision with OUTFEST in its aim to introduce and promote a variety of adventure tourism in Indonesia, as well as provide a meeting place to further pave the way for collaboration with various parties.

Indonesian Tourism Entrepreneurs Gathering

Sofian Lusa, CEO of Tripwe Indonesia said the importance of collaboration in creating an integrated tourism ecosystem is a strong reason for holding this event.

"Tripwe's commitment to developing its products and services to advance Indonesian tourism, especially in the field of adventure, will certainly be in vain without the support and collaboration of various parties, especially the government, associations, and the role of the media," said Sofian.

Anggara, the head of the OUTFEST 2022 event, realizes that OUTFEST activities are not enough if only done once a year.

"There needs to be parties who initiate and facilitate gathering activities between adventure tourism actors such as this gathering event, to accelerate the emergence of new ideas and create collaborations. OUTFEST and Tripwe will hold several regular monthly activities to achieve common goals," explained Anggara.

Adventure Tourism Community

In line with the activity's mission to form an integrated adventure tourism ecosystem, Rahman from the Indonesian Mountain Guides Association (APGI) also expressed his enthusiasm, "We must take advantage of this momentum to see what can be collaborated together between associations, communities, media and other parties. Hopefully all pentahelix can work together to revive the tourism industry. Most importantly, useful activities like this should continue to be held regularly.”

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