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No land adventure is so unique and most adrenaline rushing than this!

Get out of the routine and find a driving activity that is different from the others. With adrenaline-pumping offroad adventures outdoors to experience the thrill of powersports and for new viewers to experience incredible adventures.

A new choice to enjoy the beauty of nature, Tripper will experience the best organized off-road travel in Indonesia. Off-Road Safari offers incredible guided and self-guided powersport adventures to some of the most beautiful places. Drive into the woods, climb mountain peaks, play in the dunes to mud – these are once-in-a-lifetime trips that any Tripper, from beginner to professional can enjoy.


If Tripper is tired of the same old street scene, maybe it's time to get out of the routine and look for a new adventure!

Challenge lovers will not miss this to get an unforgettable experience together through off-road adventure activities. The fun of breaking through the forest, traversing the wild and conquering various terrains of dirt, mud, and even rocks. The adrenaline-pumping journey has tons of interesting stories to share with others!


A break from the road driving trend, on-road adventure offers a new style of touring that makes Tripper the center of attention!

A unique experience of driving on asphalt roads using a three-wheeled vehicle, with an unparalleled sensation of maneuverability! In on-road adventure, Tripper can experience a combination of outdoor activities, lifestyle and tourism. The right choice to explore new places, culinary specialties, historical and unique sites, and don't forget to capture this exciting moment!