Water Sport Tourism with Sea-Doo Safari Balikap

Balikpapan is one of the most beautiful port cities in Indonesia. Located in the eastern part of the island of Borneo. The beautiful white sand and the culture of the people are the main attraction for this city. Balikpapan is a marine tourism destination that is fun to explore. The busiest city on the island of Borneo is a city that also supports most of the economy in Kalimantan, plus the relocation of the capital makes Balikpapan the main gateway to the new capital. With the rapid development of this city, both in terms of economy and infrastructure, it is not surprising that tourism in this city has also been boosted by it, and one of the tourism offered by Balikpapan is Water Sports Tourism at Sea-Doo Safari Balikap.

As a maritime city, Balikpapan has many water tourism destinations, both salty and fresh. One way to enjoy the marine beauty of the city of Balikpapan is to ride a jetski or also known as a personal watercraft (PWC). Traveling around the destination using a jetski water vehicle where we ourselves drive it, bringing our own sensation in enjoying the beauty of the sea in the city of Balikpapan.

Balang Seadoo Island Bridge

Past water sports tourism Sea-Safari in Balikpapan, adventurers can feel its own uniqueness, such as Gusung Island. Maybe for ordinary people who have never touched the land and sea of ​​Borneo, Gusung Island is a place south of Sulawesi, but no, there is Gusung Island which is no less beautiful located in North Penajem Paser district, East Kalimantan. This island tour offers an extraordinary sensation of relaxation, riding a jetski in the middle of the clear blue sea on Gusung Island will make the mind away from the tiredness of a boring day. Then you arrive at the beach where you are immediately greeted with soft sand and stretches that really spoil all the human senses.

One of the iconic buildings of Balikpapan City is the Balang Island Bridge. The bridge that connects the two cities, namely Balikpapan and Penajem Paser Utara, underneath there is a beautiful sea that divides the two cities, maybe, if we have watched Korean dramas with the Han River as the background, the scenery is not much different, even better because the Pulau Balang Bridge looks more beautiful with the surrounding forest. One of the destinations to play jetski that should not be missed in this city.

Jetski and beach tourism is a unity that cannot be separated, the beach is shady and cool, plus the waves lapping the beach sand. The clear sea water is like a glass barrier between two realms. The serene atmosphere that makes us fall asleep in a comfortable vacation. All that can be offered at Tanah Merah Beach, East Kalimantan. One of the favorite destinations for jetskiing with Sea-Doo Safari Balikpapan, exercising while washing your eyes. The one hour trip by jetski from the location of Sea-Doo Safari Balikpapan to Tanah Merah Beach will not feel tiring, instead you will feel a sense of fun and curiosity. An experience worth repeating.

Jet Ski Seadoo East Kalimantan

One of the favorite spots in East Kalimantan for 'hang out' is Penajam Charity Beach. Various facilities that are usually available in urban areas are also present on this beach, such as cafes, karaoke, and the like. This beach also offers a really beautiful beach atmosphere. The place is also very suitable for riding a jetski in a beautiful and calm sea. Because this beach is one of the favorite destinations, it's no wonder this beach is never empty.

The next destination that becomes an attraction for marine tourism using jet skis in Balikpapan is Ambalat Island. This remote island still feels natural, it is not as modern as other destinations, but that is the main attraction of this simple island. The jet ski trip to Ambalat Island is a unique thing that we can experience at Sea-Doo Safari Balikpapan. Sensation trip with beautiful nature.

If you want a jet ski tour with a lush pine atmosphere on the beach, Lamaru Beach is the answer. One of the famous natural attractions in Balikpapan is a mandatory destination for nature lovers and sports tourismAlong the way, you will be pampered with the green expanse of pine trees on Lamaru Beach, as well as the wide shoreline that makes the impression of being free and calm every tourist trip on Lamaru Beach.

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