At the end of 2021, a number of Tripwe teams traveled to West Java to try out a number of exciting and adrenaline-challenging adventure activities. This 5-day trip was taken by land using a Tripwe Van.

Tripwe Adventure Indonesia

Starting from the Tripwe office located in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, the Tripwe team headed to Bogor, Bandung, Ciamis, Tasikmalaya, and Pangandaran. Various types of activities are carried out by the Tripwe team, such as trekking, off-roading in tea gardens and mountain craters, camping, and body rafting. Let's take a peek at the excitement of the Tripwe team roadshow while in West Java!

Day 1: Trekking to Curug Bidadari, Bogor

This roadshow begins with trekking in the Bogor area, to see Curug Bidadari. This spot is famous and favored by residents of Jakarta and its surroundings to unwind from urban life and enjoy the mountainous nature as well as physical activities on foot. The journey is not long and is quite easy for beginners to do, Trippers! Very suitable for family or corporate gatherings, or just having fun with your beloved partner.

Day 2: Off-road in the tea gardens and pine forests of Pangalengan, Bandung Regency

After trekking, the Tripwe team immediately continued their journey to Bandung to carry out the next adventure activity, namely off-roading. This time, the Tripwe off-road team used a Land Cruiser vehicle or often called Landy. Pampered with beautiful natural scenery, the Tripwe team is also challenged when entering challenging tracks on this off-road track. Of course, as a Trippers who was a true adventurer, the scorching heat of the sun and dirty clothes due to dirt and mud were good friends.

Day 3: (failed) Camping and enjoying the sunrise at Puspa Peak, Ciamis

Playing in the wild, the weather is a big challenge for adventurers. Sometimes, plans that have been made in such a way, can fail in an instant due to weather factors. This is what happened in the Tripwe team's plan to camp in Puncak Puspa, Ciamis. The heavy rain that had been pouring since the afternoon made the team unable to climb to the top, and the team had to give up their intention to go camping and enjoy the sunrise.

The next morning, when the Tripwe team tried to climb to the top, thick fog still covered it so the sun could not greet the team who were already at Puspa Peak. However, this was not a problem because the Tripwe team was able to use their time to chat with local residents, the camp administrator at Puncak Puspa, and try the signature drink, Lahang.

Day 4: Body Rafting at Green Canyon, Pangandaran

Go to Pangandaran, of course there is something missing if you don't visit Green Canyon. Here, the Tripwe team gets an adrenaline rush to enter the swift currents along the Green Canyon, and experience the first experience of a 7 meter free fall from the top of a cliff into the river! Truly an unforgettable experience and must be repeated.

Day 5: Off-road to Galunggung Crater in Tasikmalaya

As a closing, the Tripwe team stopped by Tasikmalaya and experienced off-roading using a Jeep and continued by motorbike to Galunggung Crater. The exhaustion of the 5-day journey paid off satisfied with the beautiful view at the top.

How are you, Trippers? Was the Tripwe team fun while in West Java? For Trippers who want to try these 5 adventure activities, they can be ordered through the Tripwe application. See you on the next adventure Trippers!

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