Recommended Activities for the 2022 Eid Al-Fitr Holiday

Happy Eid Al-Fitr, Trippers!

This year is indeed quite special, not only because the Lebaran holiday is quite long, but also because the government has allowed going home. So, Trippers can reunite with their beloved relatives in their hometown. In addition to going home and staying in touch with family and relatives, recreation with family has also become a tradition in celebrating Eid al-Fitr. Especially after two years of not being able to go home and celebrate Eid together, this year's celebration is sure to be the moment Trippers have been waiting for the most.

For Trippers who are currently in West Java or planning to go to West Java and are still looking for fun activities in nature that can be done with the family, here are recommendations for water adventure activities from Tripwe:

Rafting in Pangalengan, Bandung

If Trippers are bored with the hustle and bustle of Bandung's urban areas and want to feel the freshness of playing water in the Bandung area, rafting in the Pangalengan area, Bandung can be an attractive option. Using a rubber boat, Trippers can feel the pleasure of playing in the water and wading through the river as far as 5 KM by preparing a budget of IDR 170.000 for this game.

Rafting in Pangalengan Bandung
Rafting Pangalengan Bandung by M RIZQI

River Tubing on the Santirah River, Pangandaran

In this game, Trippers do not use rubber boats to navigate the river, but use tubes or tires that will give a different sensation. For approximately 2 hours, Trippers will sail the Santirah River in the Selasari Tourism Village, Pangandaran. This game will refer to Trippers adrenaline by passing 3 rapids, 4 cave passages and 5 waterfalls along the river. Trippers can order this game package on the Tripwe app with prices starting from IDR 130.000.

Santirah River Tubing
Santirah River Tubing by Fitri Saesarina

Body Rafting at Green Canyon, Pangandaran

Body Rafting is a water sport whose principle is like rafting, but does not use rafts or paddles. In this game, Trippers are only provided with a life jacket, helmet, and wet shoes. Don't worry, even though you can't swim, Trippers can still enjoy this game because they are equipped with safety equipment and are guided by experienced instructors who will accompany us from the beginning to the end of the trip. Don't worry either, because the guide will help Trippers capture this activity by taking photos and videos during the trip. Trippers can choose game packages that last 2 hours and 4 hours with prices starting from 1 million rupiah.

Green Canyon Pangandaran Nature Tourism
Photo by Green Canyon Pangandaran

All of these games can be ordered by Trippers directly on the Tripwe application which can be downloaded for free at Playstore and Appstore. Find other fun games and enjoy adventure games in nature during this Eid holiday.

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