Preparation for Riding Can-Am Ryker for Beginners

Riding a three-wheeled motorbike is easy, but there are a few things to pay attention to because there are habits when riding a two-wheeled motorbike that cannot be practiced on a three-wheeled motorbike. Such as foot position, body position when turning, and others. But behind it all, this Can-Am Ryker three-wheeled vehicle is designed to be fast and easy to learn for beginners, you know!

The Can-Am Ryker itself is equipped with a 900cc Rotax engine, of course Trippers who are also automotive lovers already know how superior this machine is. To make it easier for users, Ryker comes with a CVT automatic transmission and of course it becomes more fun for Trippers when driving it. Then the uniqueness of the Can-Am Ryker also does not have a hand brake and there is only one brake, namely the pedal on the left foot. The Can-Am Ryker has 3 wheels consisting of a double front wheel and a single rear wheel, this makes Trippers not have to worry about safety and stability. This Can-Am Ryker also can't tilt like a motorbike in general, Trippers need to maintain their posture and arms so they don't get tired easily when driving. So, Trippers can experience the real #RideLikeNoOthers more!

How to start the engine is also quite easy, Trippers only need to plug in the key, press the starter button on the right, then read safety card which is already on the right side of the Can-Am Ryker and the final step to start the engine, Trippers need to press the button next to the grip while advancing the grip forward. Make sure Trippers have turned the parking brake down to run this Can-Am Ryker, OK!

Trippers may still be unfamiliar with this three-wheeled motorbike, and rarely see it on the highway. So many still find it difficult to start the engine and adjust to the new driving posture. Therefore, Trippers are advised to train in mini track first to better master the use of Can-Am Ryker, to adjust and so that it is not dangerous when driving on the highway.

Well, those are the tips and also a little introduction about Can-Am Ryker that can be a reference for Trippers before trying to ride.

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