Jetski Beginner Riders, Must Know These Things

The trend of riding in the ocean over the past few years was popularized by many artists and Instagrammers who are busy playing on Jet Ski Safari or Seadoo Safari. Use personal watercraft (PWC) or commonly known as jetski, Trippers can feel the sensation of crashing the waves in the ocean with the bonus of beautiful natural scenery belonging to the oceans in Indonesia.

Jetski is a type of private boat that is usually able to carry 1-2 people sitting in a configuration like a motorbike. Equipped with a high-power engine, jet skis fall into the category extreme motorsport and sports using jetski / personal watercraft are also classified as extreme sports.

This extreme sport moves the muscles of the body from top to bottom, where the hands will be in control and the legs will keep the body balanced. As an extreme sport, there are several things that Trippers need to know and prepare before riding a Jetski.

Listen to the guide's directions (Road Captain)

Riding on water isn't as simple as on land, Trippers. If you read the wrong directions or don't obey the directions, Trippers' trip might be disrupted due to getting lost or other things. Therefore, Trippers' journey needs to be guided by an experienced Road Captain. Remember, Trippers, directions from road captain must be heard and obeyed for the safety of all.

Briefing before seadoo trip
Briefing session by Road Captain before the trip – Seadoo Safari Jakarta

2. Do stretching / Muscle Stretch

As a sport that uses almost all the muscles in the upper body and legs, Trippers are advised to warm up to ensure that the body does not get injured while driving. Stretching activities help Trippers muscles and joints get ready for the ultimate in activity. This will help Trippers become more flexible, and reduce the risk of cramps or muscle strain during jet ski riding.

Muscle stretching session before the adventure

3. Ask important things you don't understand

"Shame on asking astray on the road" is true, Trippers! So, don't let the unknown make your Trippers trip unpleasant. Ask about personal watercraft / jetski, travel and safety instructions, also about the locations to be visited to the Road Captain.

The do's and don'ts of jet skiing
The Road Captain explains the obligations and taboos during the trip

4. Pray

If everything has been done and Trippers is ready for an adventure in the water using a jetski, don't forget to pray first so that Trippers' trip will be smooth and safe from start to finish.

Prayer session together before going to each other's jetski

How are you, Trippers? Are you ready for an adventure in the water with a jet ski / personal watercraft? Check in app Tripwe to see Seadoo Safari packages in various cities and various destination routes which are very suitable for Trippers who like adventure.

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