Interested in Stimulating Adrenaline? Batam Should Be Added To Your Wishlist!

Batam City is one area that is no longer foreign to hear. But did you know that the largest city in the Riau Archipelago has many amazing tourist destinations?

Batam city is located on international shipping lanes. This makes it one of the cities with the busiest seawater traffic. The Batam City area consists of Batam Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island, and many other small islands. As many people know, this area is located not far from Singapore and Malaysia. With half of the area being sea, Batam is blessed with abundant beaches and sea beauty; making it a suitable destination for tourists who have an interest in watersports.

Sea-Doo Safari Batam

Watersports are forms of exercise that rely on watery areas and generally tend to trigger adrenaline. There are many kinds of watersports, such as banana boating, kayaking, riding PWC (Personal Water Craft) or better known as jetski, and many more.

Not just one or two, so many beautiful beaches that can be your choice in trying watersport tourism. One of them is Marina Beach. This beach has the characteristics of white sand and stunning views, especially at sunset. In addition, there is Viovio Beach which is rich in coral reefs, perfect for those of you who like diving and snorkeling activities because the waves on this beach are relatively calm.

However, if you want to see the complete beauty of Batam in one destination, Seadoo Safari Batam is one of the watersport options with the island hopping concept that you must try. Island hopping is the term for the activity of visiting two or more islands. This activity is popularly done using a jetski / PWC in groups with a guide for safety and smoothness because this sport is classified as an extreme sport.

Batam Jetski Rental

The more you see the beautiful scenery and options to spend time in Batam City, the more you will understand that Batam is more than just a destination, but a place to relieve stress from fatigue. So, it's time to throw away the mindset that Batam City is an Indonesian Free Trade Zone which is popular with black market goods. Now, you know that there is a beauty that hides behind this fact.

Be aware that there are still many beautiful islands in Indonesia, but have not been widely exposed in the media. As Indonesians, we should be proud of this natural destination in our country and try to explore it thoroughly. So, that's why it's Trippers, so it's our obligation to explore and disseminate information about the natural beauty that Indonesia has. For Trippers who still don't know much about interesting spots and games to explore, Trippers can check the Tripwe application at Playstore and Appstore.

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