5 Basic Skills to Become a Road Captain in Seadoo Safari

Regularly playing jet ski, enjoying the beauty of the sea every day and coupled with posts photos on Instagram with various poses on a jetski, of course, make others feel jealous.

Although many call the job of being a Road Captain a #jobgoals or suitable job passion for those who like challenges, adventures and adrenaline-pumping activities, but working as a Road Captain carries a lot of responsibilities. For himself, for the people he was traveling with, and also for the jetski he was driving. So, in this article, we will discuss skill What basics should a Road Captain have, what are they? Let's see!

Jet ski driving skills

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Of course, the technique of driving a jetski properly is the most basic for Road Captain to master. It's not about being able to drive a jetski at high speed for long distances, but about driving safely, being able to carry a group well, to knowing the technical things of the jetski engine if there are problems during the trip.

Good at reading the cardinal directions and the direction of the waves

Jetski Riding Wind Direction

Being at sea, a Road Captain relies heavily on a compass to show the cardinal directions as a benchmark for the direction of the destination he wants to go. Unlike on land, the Road Captain cannot rely on "turn right at the second intersection" or "turn left after 500 meters".

In addition to reading the cardinal directions, the Road Captain must also be able to read the direction of the waves or waves. This is to facilitate travel while at sea. Misreading the direction of the waves, as a result, the group can get lost and in the end can have an impact on the use of fuel. Instead of the initial calculation for jetski fuel, it can be used until it returns to the mainland, it can even end up running out of gas in the middle of the road. But again, because the weather and sea conditions are unpredictable, the Road Captain is required to learn from his experience and practice while at sea.

Understand basic safety skills

Jetski First Aid Kit

Basic knowledge of safety is a material that is taught during training to become a Road Captain. This must be considered by the Road Captain in bringing the group during the trip if things go wrong. The box containing the first aid kit (First Aid in Accident) is also mandatory for every jetski used by the Road Captain.

support, Friendly and hospitality

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Meet new people with background different, sometimes the Road Captain also has to combine group participants with one another, it takes good Road Captain communication skills to lighten the mood. The Road Captain must be able to invite the trip group to mingle so that the trip runs smoothly and provides an unforgettable experience for Trippers.

Can document the trip while riding a jetski

Road Captain Seadoo Safari

Well, this is Trippers, the most interesting and also challenging thing. Bringing a trip group to enjoy the sea with Seadoo Safari, the Road Captain must be able to take good photos and videos and insta-worthy to be uploaded on the trip participants' social media accounts. Road Captain must be proficient at driving a jetski and holding smartphoneto take photos and videos, and find out angle which one is good to take. So, Trippers don't have to worry about lack of content to upload on social media if they are on a Seadoo Safari trip, because the Road Captain is required to document Trippers' journey, and of course the photos or videos are good too!

That's it Trippers skill important must-have for Road Captain in Seadoo Safari. Interesting and challenging, right? For Trippers who have never experienced a trip directly at Seadoo Safari and are curious about the actions of the Road Captains, just book the trip through the Tripwe application which is available on the AppStore for iOS users and PlayStore for Android users.

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