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Tripwe provides digital services for the adventure marketplace. We give users the option of adventuring in the sea, rivers, lakes using personal watercraft (PWC), boats, yachts and on land such as forests, valleys, and mountains through off-road experiences with ATV, UTV, and SSV vehicles with easy access and ordering. Tripwe started digital services in Indonesia.

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First Adventure Marketplace in Indonesia

At a time when everyone is looking for accessible entertainment options while respecting social distancing, Tripwe is the perfect solution. Tripwe gives adventure seekers an outlet to explore the unexplored in a truly unique way, and make what was once only accessible to a few, accessible to everyone.

Tripwe Service Features

Accessible via platform Android, iOS and Web

  • Water Adventure MarketplaceVarious adventure activities on the water
  • Off-Road Adventure MarketplaceAdventure through the natural terrain
  • On-Road Adventure MarketplaceAdventure down the asphalt road
  • BursaSales of used personal watercraft (PWC) and off-road vehicles
  • Tripwe ShopAdventure gear and accessories shop
  • Tripwe PayEase of transacting without limits, easily

Enjoy the sensation of the outdoors without having to have your own vehicle.


The presence of innovation in the tripwe application also helps government programs to introduce sport tourism which will become the backbound of Indonesian tourism in the new normal era.

Dr. Sofian LusaCEO & Co-Founder Tripwe
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Kabar baik buat Trippers yang ingin merencanakan liburan ke Labuan Bajo.

RESMI, kenaikan tarif baru tiket masuk Taman Nasional Komodo ditunda hingga akhir tahun 2022. Jadi, saat ini tiket masuk Taman Nasional Komodo masih senilai Rp150.000 ya, Trippers!
Trippers tidak perlu Khawatir, yuk mulai nabung dari sekarang dan bikin bucket-list untuk eksplor Taman Nasional Komodo!

Berwisata dengan aman dan nyaman menjadi prioritas utama untuk kita semua dimanapun dan kapanpun, Sekarang tidak perlu ribet lagi mau jalan -jalan kemana? Sudah ada aplikasi digital yang memudahkan Trippers untuk booking online tempat-tempat wisata seru di seluruh indonesia dengan berbagai pilihan atraksi menarik yang ditawarkan, Kalo Trippers tertarik, segera booking tripnya di aplikasi #Tripwe 😎 yang ada di Google Play Store dan App Store.

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