Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy is part of the Tripwe App User Agreement (“User Agreement”). The use of the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site and any features and/or services available in the Tripwe Application and/or Site is a form of User consent to the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy. Therefore, the User needs to read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that the User fully understands it before registering, accessing, and/or using Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site and Services.

  1. By using the Tripwe Site and/or the Tripwe Application, the User is deemed to have read this Privacy Policy.
  2. "Personal data" includes all data, information, and/or information in any form that can identify the User, including: full name, identity card and including all data contained therein, passport and all data, date of birth, gender, marital status, height / weight, blood type and blood rhesus, electronic mail address (e-mail), mobile phone number – including but not limited to – IP address, location information, storing User location, displaying User location, User device data, contact number on smartphone , IMEI number, and including agreeing to provide such data to other applications that Tripwe makes which have been embedded and or linked in the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site that the User uses on the User's device, data concerning information regarding the User's transaction activities on the Tripwe Application. and/or the Tripwe Site, and other data classified as personal data either when the User starts using use the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site or the following times as long as the User uses the Tripwe Application and/or this Tripwe Site.
  3. Tripwe collects User's Personal Data with the aim of processing User transactions, managing and expediting the process of using the application, as well as other purposes as long as permitted by laws and regulations.
  4. Tripwe uses Personal Data obtained and collected from Users for the following purposes and other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations:

    A. to identify and to register the User as a user and to administer, verify, deactivate, or manage your account as such.

    B. to process all forms of requests, activities, payment, and transactions made by the User through the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site.

    C. to assist the User when communicating with the Vendor.

    D. to supervise and/or investigate suspicious transactions.

    E. to offer or provide services from Tripwe’s affiliates or partners.

    F. to enable service providers to provide the User with such of the services as requested.

    G. to monitor and analyse user activities, behaviour, and demographic data including trends and usage of the various services available on the Tripwe Application

    H. to send a direct or targeted marketing communications, advertisement, vouchers, surveys, and information on special offers or promotion.

    I. in certain circumstances, Tripwe may need to use or disclose User Personal Data for law enforcement purposes in the event of fraud or data theft.

  5. Tripwe strives to ensure that the information that Users provide to Tripwe is safe and cannot be used by irresponsible parties. For the security of User data, Tripwe strongly recommends that Users always update applications and software and do not disclose User passwords to any party.
  6. Users hereby agree that Tripwe may store Personal Data on servers located in data centers designated by Tripwe. The use of Personal Data in connection with the use of the Tripwe Application and/or the Tripwe Site will continue to be governed by this Privacy Policy in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.
  7. This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and Users are required to comply with all applicable regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.


  1. Tripwe requires User's Personal Data for one of them to be able to process transactions, then the Personal Data that Users provide to Tripwe must be as accurate as possible and not misleading. Users must update and notify Tripwe if there are changes to the User's Personal Data. By using the Tripwe Application and/or the Tripwe Site, it means that the User releases Tripwe from any claims, lawsuits, damages, and/or claims in connection with the failure of transaction processing on the Tripwe Application and/or the Tripwe Site caused by inaccuracies in the Personal Data that the User provides to tripwe.
  2. If the User is not 18 years old, unmarried or under guardianship or guardianship, the User needs the consent of the User's parent, guardian or legal guardian to provide Personal Data to Tripwe. When the User's Personal Data is provided to Tripwe, the User hereby represents and warrants that the User's parent, legal guardian or guardian has consented to the processing of the User's Personal Data and personally accepts and agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy and is responsible for the User's actions. .
  3. When the User provides Personal Data relating to other people, such as a spouse, family member, and/or friend of the User, the User also represents and warrants that the User has the authority and consent of the owner of the Personal Data to provide their Personal Data to Tripwe for use. in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.


  1. Mobile devices generally have settings so that neither the Tripwe Application nor the Tripwe Site can access certain data without the consent of the User.
  2. Users can access and change information in the form of e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, address list, payment method, and bank account through the settings feature.


  1. Provision of User's Personal Data is voluntary. However, if the User does not provide his Personal Data to Tripwe, Tripwe cannot provide services or products or process payments from Users.
  2. The collection of User's Personal Data occurs when the User creates or updates an Account or at any other time if needed from time to time. Tripwe will collect User Personal Data every time a User accesses or uses the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site.
  3. If the User uses and/or when the payment or transfer is made via electronic money and/or digital wallet provided by Tripwe, we may collect certain information related to the source of your funds for reloading (including bank account details), account details of the withdrawal recipient, transaction history (including beneficiary details), billing details, invoice details and phone number.
  4. If the User uses a virtual account provided by Tripwe to receive electronic money and/or digital wallets from the payer, whether the User is a service provider or a merchant, we may collect certain information in connection with your use including but not limited to services and/or goods transacted. , the amount the User collects from each transaction, withdrawal or settlement account details and withdrawal or settlement history.
  5. If the User uses and/or when the payment occurs via a card or account added by the User to the Tripwe Application, Tripwe may collect certain information in connection with the transaction history (including receipt details), billing details, invoice details, and telephone number.


The purpose of Tripwe to process, analyze, and/or use User Personal Data in accordance with and permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, as follows:


By using the Tripwe Application and/or Tripwe Site, the User has given Tripwe permission to link to third-party sites. However, Tripwe is not responsible for the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, use, storage, display, announcement, transmission, dissemination, deletion, and destruction of User Personal Data by such third parties. Similarly, suppose the User provides information directly to these sites. In that case, the privacy policies, and terms of service on those sites will apply, and Tripwe is not responsible for these sites' information processing activities or privacy policies.


  1. Tripwe protects any personal data stored in its systems and protects such data from unauthorized access, use, modification, retrieval, including passwords and OTP codes.
  2. Although Tripwe has used its best efforts to protect User's personal data, however, Tripwe cannot guarantee 100% data security, and is at the User's own risk.
  3. Whenever a User uses the Tripwe Application or visits the Tripwe Site, certain information may also be collected automatically using cookies. Cookies are small application files that are stored on the User's computer or mobile device. We use cookies to track user activity to improve the user interface and experience. Most mobile devices and internet browsers support the use of cookies; however Users may adjust the settings on their mobile device or internet browser to refuse certain types of cookies or certain cookies. The mobile device and/or browser will also allow the User to delete at any time any cookies that have been previously stored. However, such actions may affect the functionality available on the Tripwe App or Tripwe Site.
  4. Tripwe will delete or anonymize users' personal data that is under Tripwe's control if the personal data is no longer needed to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.


  1. If the User has concerns about Tripwe's handling or treatment of the user's personal data or if the user believes that his privacy has been violated, the User can contact Tripwe through the Tripwe service or to the Tripwe contact listed in this Privacy Policy by explaining the identity and complaint.
  2. Tripwe will investigate user complaints and endeavor to respond to such complaints within a reasonable time after receiving complaints submitted by users


  1. Tripwe may at any time change, update, and/or add part or all of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, in accordance with Tripwe's business going forward, and/or changes to applicable laws and regulations. If such changes or additions are made by Tripwe, Tripwe will notify the User through a notification sent through the Application and/or the https://www.Tripwe.com/ site, and/or to the User's email address.
  2. By continuing to use the Tripwe Application or the Tripwe Site, the User has agreed to the changes, updates, and/or additions that Tripwe has made to this Privacy Policy.
  3. If the User continues to use the Tripwe Application and/or the Tripwe Site after reading this Privacy Policy, the User has agreed to this Privacy Policy – ​​including any amendments thereto – and may continue to use the Application.


In the event of a change of control or a change of ownership of all or part of Tripwe or the company, including the site, the User's Personal Data may/will be part of the transfer of such assets.


If the User has agreed to our User Agreement, in the event of any discrepancy between the User Agreement and this Privacy Policy with regard to the use of privacy data, the User Policy shall prevail.


If a User has questions, comments, or claims regarding this privacy policy or wishes to obtain access or correct his/her personal data, please contact Tripwe customer service via info@tripwe.com